Yanks keep it rolling, while Cubs just try to Survive.

Game 5

Houston Astros vs New York Yankees

The Houston Astros were rolling along just like the Cleveland Indians were until they hit the launching pad known as Yankee Stadium and had their subpar pitchers and bullpen lined up to face the Yankees there. That didn’t end up well for the Astros. The Astros can make amends by now in game 5 with one of their 2 aces on the hill in Dallas Keuchel. Keuchel will have to limit the power from the right side of the plate in Sanchez and Judge. Judge is a monster in Yankee Stadium. Houston offense has completely disappeared in this series. That coming from a series where they scored a ton against the Red Sox. Astros will need some key hits in key situations and somehow need about 7 or 8 innings out of Keuchel. This bullpen is not good for the Astros so they won’t ever feel comfortable going to it late in games unless it’s a large lead.

The Yankees send Tanaka to the hill and he’s been pretty good thus far in the palyoffs. I don’t see that changing this game against a struggling Astros offense. His ball is really moving these days and he looks to get ahead in counts and make the Astros chase. The Yankees need to continue to do what they are doing on offense. Just keep hitting. It will be a little tougher this time around facing Keuchel but they have seen him recently. I think this series will end up going 7.

Game Prediction

Yankees 4 Astros 1

Game 4

Los Angeles Dodger vs Chicago Cubs

This series has been played out close to what I thought. I thought the cubs will give a little more fight, but they could just not be a very good team this year and got lucky to run into a team that finds ways to lose in the first round. The Cubs severely miss Chapman in the bullpen, and Dexter Fowler leading off. The Cubs are playing with house money but still you would like to see a little more fight especially at home. This team wont give up that’s for sure but I don’t like their chances to reach back to back world series.

The dodgers look like a team of destiny in the NL. The last 2 teams who have swept the LCS both got beat soundly in the World Series in the Rockies in 07 and the Tigers before them. The major break off is not ideal. I’m not saying the Dodgers should throw the game but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to not win the game and throw off timing with a long layover. The dodgers are getting production from guys that is just not expected like Chris Taylor. Very fun to watch and it could be the first time since 1988 the Dodgers are in the World Series.

Game Prediction
Dodgers 3 Cubs 6