NLCS Make it back to LA?

Just like I thought the Cubs would give it all to save face. They did that, but at what cost? Wade Davis will not be available out of the bullpen tonight. So a bad bullpen just was handicapped even further by not having their only solid bullpen piece. That is not something you want to hear when you are down 3-1 in the series and facing Clayton Kershaw. How long will Kershaw go in this game is another question. The Dodgers have been trying to keep his innings down, and I believe it’s a psychological reason o build some confidence. If Dodgers have a 2-3 run lead in the 6th I don’t see Kershaw coming out for the bottom of the 6th. The Dodgers were a different team last night and still only lost by 1. The Cubs will need some kind of magic that hasn’t really been there for them to compete tonight.

The Dodgers went through the motions last night as they were up 3-0. Now we have seen that backfire in the past, but I don’t see it happening here. The dodgers are the superior team and have been better at almost every position in this series. I look for them to jump out to an early lead and hand the ball over to their bullpen. If they get behind this is not a team that will panic in anyway as they understand the Cubs bullpen is not good and the dodgers have been very good late in games.

Game Prediction

Dodgers 6 Cubs 3

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