Must Win for LA?

Game 3 went almost exactly how we predicted. We thought it would be 5-2 and it ended 5-3. The MVP so far I think for the Astros might be Dave Roberts. He has been out coached in every way by AJ Hinch. Dave Roberts looks lost. He’s using up way too much of his bullpen way too early at the wrong times.

In an almost must win game now Dave Roberts is probably without his setup man in Brandon Morrow because he wasted him when it was a game that the Dodgers weren’t really in. Thats bad coaching when their other options aren’t that great. If he has to use Jansen for 6 outs again then he would not be useable for game 5. The bad coaching has caught up to the Dodgers. That along with bad hitting. They rely heavily on the long ball and didn’t get it last game. If not for the one pass ball our score prediction would have been dead on. Now the Dodgers go to Alex Wood. He has an unorthodox delivery that reminds some of Sale and we saw what happened to Sale at Minute Maid Park. the dodgers will have to put cup runs and unfortunately that is going to have to come from Turner or Bellinger. Bellinger has not been good in the series offensively, maybe he breaks out tonight.

The Astros look pretty unstoppable at home so far in the postseason. Springer missed a grand slam by about 7 feet yesterday that would have really put some runs on the board. Hinch has managed the bullpen beautifully by using longer guys to close out games. I think that is brilliant. Now he pretty much has his whole bullpen tonight. Springer got on base yesterday and the Astros won. Thats how this team goes. I think he does it again tonight as well as Breman. Im expecting a big night from Bregman. Astros at home might put the Dodgers backs against the wall. Unfathomable to think that after game 1 this might not get back to LA but it could happen.

Game Prediction

Dodgers 3 Astros 6