Greatest 2 words again….Game 7!

Game 6 ended up exactly how we predicted. 3-1 Dodgers. Once again Altuve didn’t show up on the road and he had a chance. Springer is the clear cut front runner for MVP for the Astros. If the Series ended right now who would be the vote for MVP for the Dodgers? I would argue Chris Taylor. This series seemed destined for Game 7 from the start and here we are. I think it could be a great game but heres how I think it will play out.

Well The Astros have to score some runs tonight. I don’t think they will shut the Dodgers out obviously, but I do think McCullers can limit the Dodgers offense. He relies on a curveball which is going to be effective with the weather tonight and the way the ball is. If McCullers gets the curve ball working early he could settle in. Astros haven’t lost back to back games in this series yet. They will need to have good nights from the middle of their order again but Springer will be the driving force and I think he will have a big night. Who isn’t available out of the bullpen? I think Verlander can go 1 inning at a minimum.

The Dodgers needs to get out of the gates early in this game. I think they want to get into the Astros bullpen as quick as possible. They still have confidence in their own bullpen especially at home. Jansen only threw 19 pitches yesterday in 2 innings. Bad job by the Astros not making him throw more. Can Pederson continue his miracle World Series? I don’t see it happening but thats me. Two of his Homer’s have come off Musgrove, who most likely won’t come into the game unless the Astros are already losing. They will make Pederson chase so it will be up to someone else to do the damage. You have to look at Justin Turner who since game 1 has been a mouse he’s been so silent. Obviously Bellinger and Seager have big play potential but they haven’t had sustained success either in this series. Chris Taylor has somewhat quietly got it done throughout the whole playoffs and the World Series hasn’t been any different.

The Weather will be similar to game 6 in that it will be around 65 degrees Fahrenheit and around 70% humidity. I know I’m bringing this up again and some people will dismiss it but I think its an important factor in this game.

I think the handling of the bullpen by Dave Roberts will have a big factor in this game. In My opinion he has not been good with his management of the bullpen throughout the World Series.

Game Prediction

Astros 3 Dodgers 2

Im definitely going up with the upset and the less than popular pick here tonight.But I predicted before the series Astros in 7 so Im sticking with that tonight.

Good Luck to All!

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