Game 6 gonna replicate Game 5?

Wow some might still be recovering from that game 6. I know our main man Gup is. I texted with him when Astros tied it up at 4-4 and he didn’t believe me for a second. Then he was pissed, rightfully so, when I let him know Bellinger hit a 3-run dong to give Dodgers a 7-4 lead. Then equally shocked when Astros tied it back up. The see saw went on all night. Yup being the superstitious man we all are was not watching parts out of luck. The game was insane. The HRs galore have been insane enough. by the way, I do think there is strong validity to the statement on the baseballs. I had a buddy point out a very key observation. He thought it was quite interesting that with youtube being a main sponsor of the World Series, MLB decided to showcase the quick highlights of homers. it definitely made one think. The ratings killed Sunday Night football, so people obviously watched the game, so the strategy might be working.

That leads us to game 6 and Dodgers down 3-2 in the series and they turn to Rich Hill now. I think the laces of the ball will have less effect on Hill as they do with other pitchers because he relies on the curveball more than a slider. I think the curveball as shown in game 2 can be effective. Dave Roberts will have to use Hill longer in this game if he has similar output to his last start. Neither bullpen can be trusted at all. This includes Jansen. The ball and the confidence of the Astros against Jansen can’t be overstated. He relies on 1 pitch and he was much better with a different ball. Offensively I think Turner, Bellinger, and Seager have to produce today. Bellinger has been hot as of late and is really seeing the ball well. The dodgers love playing the left/right matchup so I assume Pederson gets the start again. I actually think Like Hernandez is better no matter the pitching matchup. Can the Dodgers hold a lead if they get one?

The Astros got contributions from all their big guns like we said they had to last game. The only one we didn’t mention was Gurriel. They get another lefty in Hill this game and I think the same group of guys has to produce again. Altuve has struggled mightily on the road. If they are going to put up some runs I don’t think he can struggle like he has on the road. It will all come back to Spring though, in my opinion. He is the table setter. He is the spark.If he gets on base it takes pressure off the other guys as they know they will have multiple chances to get him in. These games have largely been decided by the bullpens either better or worse. Unless Verlander goes the distance we will have the same situation again here. Is this series destined for 7 games? It would make sense based off the first 5 games and how great this series has been.

The weather could actually play a factor in this game. Chavez Revine is notoriously a pitchers park and the weather is supposed to be in the 60s. 70% humidity as well leads to heavy air. I don’t see a lot of runs scored in this game.

Game Prediction:

Dodgers 3 Astros 1

This series seems destined for game 7 but I don’t think he high scoring of previous games will be there.

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