Do we get the privilege of the best thing in sports?

The best thing in sports is a game 7. To get there the Astros will have to win a game 6 first, but they have their ace on the hill Justin Verlander said so himself he was brought in for these games. He’s not scared of this moment, that is for sure. The Astros haven’t lost a game at home during the playoffs as well. Altuve and Correa come up big in game 6 and that makes fo the best thing in sports…Game 7!

The Yankees will try to get to the Houston bullpen s early as possible. Look for them to be patient and try to foul off a lot of balls. They know the best chance they have is getting to the less than stellar Astros bullpen. Can Judge hit on the road? Hes obviously a monster in that short box they call a stadium in the Bronx. Houston doesn’t have the best pitchers park but its not the launching pad that Yankee stadium is. Judge has struggled on the road and the remedy for that is not facing Verlander.

Game Prediction

Yankees 2 Astros 4

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