Astros can’t go down 2 with their best pitchers can they?

Game 1 went close to how I thought it would. I thought it would be a 1 run game so I was off there. The 2 out walk that allowed Turner to hit the game winning HR was a killer. Most people thought runs would be scored, but I was on the contrary because of the starting pitchers. Kershaw has given up only 14 hits in all of the postseason, although 7 have been HRs. Keuchel has been good and pitched well yesterday except for 3 batters. The leadoff HR was just not a smart pitch because it caught way to much of the plate. You have to understand the Dodgers were amped up and Chris Taylor has been seeing the ball very well. If you throw a fast ball you can’t groove it there. Solo HRs don’t kill you though. The worst batter he faced was the 2 out walk prior to Turner. You can’t walk Taylor there. That is what cost them the game.

I said from the start the Astros have to split in the city of Angels in order to have a chance because of the wy they set up their pitching. They obviously have played much better at home in the playoffs like any team. The Astros turn to their Ace in game 2. Verlander hasn’t lost since coming to Houston midseason. He’s 10-0. I don’t expect Verlander to give up a lot of runs again today. The Astros need to do something about George Springer. Either that or springer needs to figure it out. He looked completely lost at the plate yesterday. He was guessing on every pitch and guessing wrong on every pitch. He has to produce something or else they are toast. Bregman crushes lefties and he gets another one in game 2. Look for Altuve and Bregman to have big games with the teams back kind of against the wall.

The Dodgers want to keep the status quo going again. They just get good timely hitting and very good pitching that turns the ball over to their dominant bullpen. They would love to have a lead after 6 again. 6 inning from Hill would be more than acceptable in their minds. The Astros get the pleasure of facing back to back lefties, which they did in the ALDS when they faced Sale and Pomeranz. Hill will have to keep the hitters guessing again, even though he doesn’t quite have Kershaw type stuff. Then again no-one has Kershaw type stuff. Dodgers feel if they get 4 runs they will win. Runs are hard to come by in Dodger Stadium, I don’t see that being any different in this game.

Game Prediction

Astros 4 Dodgers 2