After Epic Game 2 what’s next?

Let us catch our breathe after that epic game 2. Somehow the team that was 98-0 when leading after 8 innings ended up blowing a lead after 8 innings in the World Series. That’s baseball for you. The Astros bats came alive when they needed them most. The dodger did score 6 runs but didn’t hit the ball well. 2-out walks have cost the Astros 5 runs in the series. They have given up 9 only. 2-out walks are absolute killers. For some reason they tend to be more painful on pitchers. When Chris Taylor walks with 2 outs it seems to be even worse. Seager in game 2 and Turner in game 1 both hit HRs after Taylor walked with 2 outs on a 3-2 count.

Over his career McCullers walks about 1 batter every 3 innings. He pitched well to close game 7 out in the ALCS. That had some pressure on it because the Yankees lived off the long ball. Well The dodgers seem to be living off the long ball as well. If McCullers can keep the ball in the park I like the Astros at home. They are 6-0 this postseason at home. Darvish does have a great historical ERA at Minute Maid park, but World Series game 3 will be a bit different. If the roof is closed then I expect it to be extremely loud in that stadium. Not sure how that will effect Darvish it it will at all but the Astros team seems to thrive off it.I said George Springer makes this engine go for the Astros lineup and I was spot on last game. My three main guys are Correa, Altuve, and Springer. If Darvish leaves the ball up the Astros can hit it. Darvish has been stellar in the playoffs so far as well.

Dodgers fresh off their extra inning heart breaker will look to rebound now. Dave Roberts completely fumbled the bullpen situation in game 3. He asked way to much our of Morrow and Jansen the day after they both pitched. That was called over confidence in his bullpen, which has been great obviously. Dodgers will have to start getting more base hits. They need to not rely on the long ball as much, because I don’t really think that trend can continue. Yes The dodgers have a better bullpen but it still needs to be managed better. Roberts might try to stick with Darvish a little longer than usual. If Astros get to Darvish early watch out. Dodgers have been good on the road this season but against inferior teams.

Game Prediction
Dodgers 2 Astros 5