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Gup’s Showstoppers! – PGA Valspar (R2)

Good Evening! Everyone play KH Lee tomorrow! Oh…. JFK! Other than him it was a fairly decent day… Guys I like for tomorrow: (No Particular Order) Armour – Think he played really well today and could be a cheap staple tomorrow Stenson – Probably chalky but not much to hate…

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Gup’s Final Thoughts – PGA Valspar

Good Evening! Welcome to this week’s edition of my Final Thoughts for the tourney. I have decided to include a “Final Model Rankings” as well. These are still model driving but with few updates to the algorithms since Monday. They also include the tee time, Ownership Projections, and the plus/minus…

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Emergency 9 – PGA Valspar Transcript

Below is the transcript! Gup’s Corner Chat R-20-03-2019Download

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