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We all play for fun.


The goal is to win.


We get better through analysis.


Gup’s Golf Plays – The Open, R4

Treading water this tourney….. like tomorrow Li is a 2*, rest are 1*

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NASCAR – Foxwoods Resorts Casino 301 DFS Preview – 07.21.18

Hello race fans! Welcome to this week’s DFS preview and the Made, Trade, & Fade edition for Loudon. Everyone is crossing their fingers that NASCAR can get the race in tomorrow with rain in the forecast. The race has been moved up 1 hour to hopefully find a gap in…

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Gup’s Corner Live Chat Transcript – The Open (Friday Night)

Below is the transcript for tonight’s chat! Are we helping you succeed? DONATE TO THE SITE   Gup_______________________________’s Corner Chat R-20-07-2018 (3)

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