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We all play for fun.


The goal is to win.


We get better through analysis.


NASCAR: Federated Auto Parts 400 at Richmond

Good day race fans and welcome to race #2 of the 2019 playoffs at Richmond Raceway! There’s just something about a Saturday night race that gets me a little more pumped up than usual! This week the inspection process will not take place until Saturday afternoon, so the lineup could…

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Tambo’s Targets – Week 3 (NFL)

Tambo’s Targets NFL – Week 3 Hey guys. Tambo here. I’ll start with saying that if you’re new here, please hop over to Twitter and follow me: @ToeTagginTambo – Any updates to my article will be made known, there. Secondly, this article will consist of 3 pivots I like for the week…

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What’s up GC Fam?! It was a good Week 2, and I’m looking forward to some more great football this Sunday. Thank you all for taking the time to read this. Please give me a follow on Twitter @HAHNY0L0 and hit me up on Slack under the same name! A…

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Gup’s Corner purpose is to provide a premier community built on trust, integrity, positive interaction and provide data resources for all its members to succeed in the sports entertainment industry. Using technology and relying on a human perspective this site will provide excellent content, service, and most importantly educate our members so they can be responsible, make intelligent decisions and be successful. image1 copy 2