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We all play for fun.


The goal is to win.


We get better through analysis.


Gup’s PGA Showstoppers! – US Open (R4)

UPDATE – forgot sleepers section. See below. Good Evening! Man, crazy day that was… I’ve never seen so many “wow”, how did he save that from the final few groups… Tomorrow will be one for the ages for sure, I expect tons of movement, up and down, on the leader…

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Gup’s PGA Showstoppers! – US Open (R3 & Weekend)

WOW, not sure why this didn’t post last night but here it is. APOLOGIZE very much… I’ll be in the slack until my tee time this morning as well. Good (very early) Morning! Cleared the schedule tomorrow night so R4 items will be out at normal time! Remove a couple…

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Women’s World Cup 6/15

Got bamboozled by the last game with an amazing PK save from the Argentina goalie. Oh well onto next game Game 1: Cameroon vs Netherlands We know my love for the Dutch is real. It won’t stop here. Cameroon played a solid first game against Canada. I think Netherlands is…

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