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At The Core


We all play for fun.


The goal is to win.


We get better through analysis.


Gup’s PGA DFS Rankings – WGC – HSBC

Below are the rankings for this week! Be sure to download The Smash Factor Podcast Tomorrow! If you’re new or just need a reminder few notes below: This Rankings are data driven and I don’t use any bias in them Thus, who I play and where I play them may…

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The Breakdown – WGC HSBC – 10.22.18

Good morning Corner OG’s!  What an event last week!  I hope everyone listened to the Pod and read the Breakdown because we nailed the setup and potential scoring fest.  Because of that we were able to hone in on some guys we thought would crush; Brooks, Palmer, Woodland, Bello, Mitchell,…

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Sunday 10/21: Jets +3.5 1u Chiefs -6 1u Texans +3.5 1u YTD (Thru Week 6): 21-22 -4.1u

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Gup’s Corner

The Plan

Our goal is to build the premier community built on respect that creates a positive and successful environment in the sports entertainment industry. The culture will be one of a team that we all define by our participation and interaction with each other and the entire industry. Using technology and relying on a human perspective this site will provide excellent service, content and products that self-differentiate.

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