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Gup’s Showstoppers! – WGC Mexico (R3 & Weekend)

I personally bubbled today but looks like plenty peeps cashed! Awesome. Below are my likes for R3 &/or Weekend Likes (no specific order): KuchDJMoliFleetsGOATPoulterHattonLefty LuitenOostyGarciaBradleyMatsu (shoots 59 if ever gains SG: P)

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Daytona 500 Recap/Atlanta Preview

Whew the carnage that is Daytona is now behind us. Both my liver and my picks are on recovery mode from being at all the races this past weekend. Congrats to everyone I saw who cashed, good start to the year! My article picked the wrong guy up top, with…

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Gup’s Showstoppers! – WGC Mexico R2 (PGA)

Good Evening! Solid start to DK for me, but TONS of golf left so I am not spending too much time enjoying my green screens! Below are the guys I like tomorrow. Likes: (No specific order) FowlerBradleyJTTigerPoulterRoryDJGarciaHattonBilly Ho (gained lot with putter, beware)AncerLipsky SharmaFleetwood Complete fades for me, CH3 &…

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