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The goal is to win.


We get better through analysis.


Gup’s Showstoppers! – Desert Classic (R2)

Good Evening! Showdown is a strategic puzzle this week with the 3-course rotation…. In General the fade is the SC course this week until Sunday, below are a few likes I like for tomorrow! KnoxLeftyHadleyHadwinRahmWiseHogeArmourImSpaunRyder

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Desert Classic E9

cgambill24 01-16 20:46 Whats going on  LVBIGBLUE 01-16 20:47 Hello GC Sups  DiscountBelicheck 01-16 20:48 Whats up  GC – BUCKS 01-16 20:49 Evening Fellas  GC – BUCKS 01-16 20:49 OG!  LVBIGBLUE 01-16 20:49 bucks!  LVBIGBLUE 01-16 20:50 I am off Thursday so I can participate in this chat now  GC – BUCKS 01-16 20:51 Nice!  GC – BUCKS 01-16 20:51 Going to be an amazing week…love this course…

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Outright/Full Tourney/Round 1

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